flexible packaging
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Environmental Responsibilty

Packaging Materials Development

  • Non-foil alternatives
    • Reduced greenhouse gases and energy consuption
    • Improved package to product ratio
  • Paper and film
    • Source reduction
    • Energy reduction
    • Increase # IMP per roll
    • Greater palletization efficiencies
    • Increase product to package ratio
  • Inks, coatings, adhesives
    • Solventless and waterbased

Partners with EPA WasteWise program by demonstrating how to reduce waste, practice environmental stewardship, and incorporate sustainable materials management into waste-handling processes.

Extensive recycling programs put in place at each APC facility

  • Improved wasted management recycling
  • 70% landfill reduction
  • Inks/lacquers recycled as fuel for cement kilns
  • Cold seal recycled and used for its energy

Several company vehicles are hi-bred/bio diesel fueled