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Quality, Service, Innovation...Crucial Pieces for Success

The ability to constantly identify and commercialize new opportunities is very important in achieving success. For over 100 years, American Packaging Corporation has been identifying and commercializing just such opportunities. Its broad based capabilities allow APC to effectively support many markets including: dry foods and mixes, confectionary, dairy and produce, frozen meats and meals, medical and pharmaceutical, pet food and agrichemical.

APC has three manufacturing Centers of Excellence, each dedicated to distinct processes. The company believes by focusing a Center on one process it can dedicate resources to innovation, product development, employee training and equipment upgrades that are specific to that process; thereby offering the latest in technology and highest levels of quality and service to its customers.

Due to the diversity and focus of American Packaging's manufacturing Centers of Excellence, each site has its own dedicated technical resources. These technical groups provide new product development, existing product enhancement, process optimization, cost savings and sustainability initiatives for their customers. Recent innovations and capability additions include all plastic die-cut lidding, metalized laminations to replace high barrier aluminum foil, EsterSteam® microwave steam cooking technology, state-of-the-art laser perforation equipment, in-house DuPont Digital Fast plate making.

Visit each of our "Market Summaries" to learn more about our specific capabilities or call your local sales representative for more information.