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American Packaging Corporation's 'specialty' category include items such as U.S. Postal stamps, U.S. license plate films, trading cards, pet food, fresh meat, microwave popcorn, and household products. Our versatile line of packaging formats have been developed not only to provide the necessary barrier from the harmful effects of moisture, oxygen, odor and grease but are also designed to enhance your package's graphics by utilizing our superior rotogravure and flexographic printing capabilities.

We offer Rollstock, Premade Bags and Pouches, K-Seal Bags in a variety of barrier options.

Our processes include:

  • Narrow and Wide Web Flexographic printing
    • Up to 10 colors with in-line lamination and coating capabilities
  • Narrow and Wide Web Rotogravure printing
    • Up to 10 colors, ability to print 8 with in-line tandem laminating capabilities
    • Security Printing Options
    • High Gloss or Matte Lacquer
    • Holographic Films & Papers
    • Promotional Coupons and Proof of Purchase Stickers
    • Backside printing of Games and Sweepstakes
      • Thermo Chromatic Inks
      • Scratch-off Inks
      • Random Sequential Numbering
    • 100% Material Accountability
    • Grease Resistant Papers
    • High Wet Strength Papers
  • Multiply Adhesive and Extrusion Laminations
    • Tandem Extrusion and Adhesive (dry bond or solventless) Laminations
    • Foil and Non Foil High Barrier Structures
    • Paper and Film Based Structures
  • Die cutting
  • Embossing
  • Special Features on Preformed Packages for increased value
    • Reclosable Zippers
    • Inno-loc Transverse Mounted Zippers for Rollstock
    • Laser Scoring and Tear Notches for easy opening
    • Aeration Holes and Vent Valves
    • Reinforced Carrying Handles
    • Multi-compartments
    • Wickets

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